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Fighting for My Clients in Wage and Hour Litigation

Within the state of Washington, there are numerous laws governing the hours of work, pay and payroll deduction requirements, overtime and employee compensation. These laws include the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the Washington Minimum Wage Act, the Washington Wage Payment Act and the Washington Wage Rebate Act, as well as numerous federal regulations covering these areas. In addition, there is case law that determines the rights of employees. For example, the Procuring Cause Doctrine, which concerns commissioned sales staff, may also be applicable.

I represent employees and employers in this wide range of labor, employment and employee benefit matters, including wage and hour disputes and overtime claims. I have personally addressed issues including:

  • Failure to pay earned wages or compensation
  • Failure to pay earned commissions upon termination of employment
  • Failure to pay over time for work performed
  • Misclassification of employees as independent contractors or as exempt from overtime laws

I strive to provide effective and aggressive representation for my clients. I will assist you with developing an effective strategy for the prosecution or defense of all employment law-related lawsuits. Because I represent both employees and employers, I can assist you with addressing any wage and hour dispute that may arise.

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