Employment Contract Reviews

employment-contract-reviewFrequently issues arise regarding an employment contract when one accepts a position with a new employer. Potential issues arising in an employment contract include noncompetition clauses, confidentiality, and compensation issues as well as many others. It is necessary when reviewing such a contract to go beyond the traditional analysis of specific provisions of an agreement and perform a thorough review of all the facts and circumstances related to your individual situation.

Another frequent occurrence is the presentation of a severance agreement from your employer at the time of exiting an existing employment. Issues regarding the noncompetition agreements and confidentiality are also frequently encountered in a severance agreement. The signing of a severance agreement potentially releases or prevents any litigation against an employer even if legitimate claims exist. It is therefore essential to first determine whether legitimate claims exist prior to signing any such severance agreement.

I have reviewed numerous employment contracts both at the time of initial hire and severance from employment. A discussion of your individual circumstances is necessary to research and review the particular issues surrounding your employment contract.

The role of an attorney in any contractual situation is substantial. In the employment context it is necessary to be able to provide not only necessary and crucial advice regarding the terms of the individual contract, it is also necessary to address potential issues outside of the actual contract to your interests are protected. An attorney can make a critical difference in both the negotiation and drafting of the terms and language of any employment contract. I will review your employment contract and assure you that the language fully, accurately, and clearly sets forth the essential terms of your arrangement with your employer.

If you desire an attorney to review your contract please contact my office for your private legal consultation to ensure that your rights and interests are fully protected.